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The story of Strandby1847

Strandby 1900tallet

History: The house was built as a traditional Danish timber-framed house in 1847. With its whitewashed walls, black timber, thatched roof, and a additional stable house, surrounded by fertile land and close to the see it was a self sustaining home for a farmers family for many generations.  

For over a 160 years, the house stood the test of time and weather, and it was listed as a representation of Danish agricultural heritage and granted protection by Danish authorities. However, in 2007, the house was in such a bad condition that it could only be saved through complete reconstruction.  

Reconstruction: With the greatest knowledge and master craftsmanship, this enormous task was carefully undertaken by the previous owners, Folmer Aabye Dam and Jeannette Belling, and took three years to accomplish . In 2010, a new whited washed timber framed house stood finished, a perfect fusion of old time architecture with modern comfort and energy efficiency. In every room, the timeless features were blended with modern design and smart solutions. The outdoor space has been preserved as a beautiful garden with fruit trees, flowers and charming hideaways. 

Strandby 2023

A New chapter: We, Lucie and Jesper Hansen, fell in love with the house and its surroundings the very first time we visited. We couldn’t believe our greatest dream came trough when we got the keys in September 2023. We decided to reclaim the 22,000 m2 land surrounding the house, where we aim to establish a permaculture sustainable garden and share a part of our house as a B&B. We hope that our endeavour and dedication can honour the legacy and beauty of the place while preserving the biodiversity and contributing to a better future.

We would like to invite you to come and experience the beauty of Strandby 1847 B&B - we can’t wait to share our place with you! Welcome to this remarkable place - our dream fulfilled!

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