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Strandby 1847 Bed & Breakfast

Strandby 1847 Bed & Breakfast is located in a small village in the heart of Denmark's southern islands, Lolland and Falster.


The house is a traditional danish timber-framed house originally build in 1847 and has been carefully restored and decorated in a Nordic style, combining modern and traditional furniture. With a separate entrance and garden exit, the two rooms and one bathroom are situated on the ground floor, while a fully equipped kitchenette and dining room can be found on the first floor.   

At Strandby 1847 Bed & Breakfast, we offer a tranquil environment in a rural settings, just a short distance from the city of Nykøbing Falster and all the local attractions. Whether you're seeking a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or an escape from the everyday, Strandby 1847 Bed & Breakfast is the perfect place to stay.      

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